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The Games Bag includes:

  • Letter Tiles - custom letter tiles to play a range of word-based games (see Games Bag Guide for details)

  • Number Tiles - custom number tiles to play a range of number-based games (see Games Bag Guide for details)

  • Spot-It - the amazing and addictive game of spotting pairs that's fun for all ages and all occasions

  • Top Trumps - the points based game based on Aussie creatures and their unique characteristics

  • Find-A-Word - a book of favourites with a super cool 6 coloured stackable texta


  • Deck of Cards - playing cards for all your favourites and some new ones too


  • 12-Sided Dice - great for quick and fun number games


  • Games Bag Guide - a bespoke book full of ways to play and different ideas to help you get the most from your Games Bag

  • Cool Bag - all neatly packed in a practical messenger bag as easy and efficient as it is stylish

Play among yourselves or invite curious, captivated onlookers at the next table to join you and connect! The Games Bag is a total tardis of portable, screen-free connection and fun.

Keep it as is, spec it up with other great recommendations for curated games perfect for coffee shops/restaurants or personalize it with your own family favourites...

The Games Bag (Blue) full of Games with Guide

AU$119.00 Regular Price
AU$99.00Sale Price
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