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A specially curated Games Bag that's full of connection and fun that you can take with you anywhere.


Flexible and engaging entertainment that's screen-free, strengthening connections and stretching brains...

Sling it over your shoulder and
take it with you to cafes, restaurants, parks, friends' places, holidays or wherever you go!


With carefully curated games and activities, The Games Bag contains tried and true favourites and addictive new games that are engaging for adults and kids alike.

So whether it's to keep kids constructively occupied while you have a quiet coffee or as a way to spend more quality time together, The Games Bag is:

  • a great, screen-free way to engage and entertain kids of all ages

  • a range of fun ways to interact and connect with one another

  • intrinsically educational but totally fun

  • the perfect companion to a good coffee, dinner out or a visit anywhere


Perfect for a family, as a gift or for anyone who loves to play, connect and socialise, this screen-free kit engages and connects, stretching brains and strengthening bonds. Check out our cool curated games or get in touch ...

The Gams Bag (Brown)
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