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We're always on the lookout for awesome games to share. For games that are screen-free, fun, compact and good for the brain, check out our favourites below and add them to your bag.​ 


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The Game of Sumoku


Multiples of fun!

Brilliant combination of patterns, maths, strategy and fun. Build and connect different coloured tiles into lines that add up to multiples of the number you roll for the round. It’s as clever as it is addictive.

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The Game of Kanoodle


Build your skill!

Play solo or set each other challenges. Endless combinations, endless frustration and endless fun! Play 2D or 3D. Our fastest solve is about a minute - our slowest is about a month!

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The Game of Uno


The classic...

We recommend starting with just the coloured numbers cards. As they get the hang of it (and age!), you can add the feature cards, one by one to progress the complexity and maintain the novelty. 

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The Game of Mapominoes


Dominoes meets geography!

Join cards where countries share borders or seas. Versions for Europe, North & South America, Asia & Australasia and UK. Don’t worry, bordering countries are shown for fun learning not agonising test!

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The Game of Triominos


Like dominoes but triangles!

Match two numbers to play a triangle. Bonus points for completing shapes and bridges, it’s a cafe favourite and just the right mix of complexity and simplicity to make it perfectly addictive.

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The Game of Gotrio


Tic, tac, wow!

Simultaneous play of colours, sequence and shapes on a classic nine-space grid make for endless combinations. There’s a fine line from zero to hero in this great build on classic game principles.

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The Game of Dos


The sequel...

A new take on old favourite. It’s rare to get a sequel better than the original, but a change is as good as a holiday, with the new tips to freshen it up and keep it novel for the seasoned Uno players.

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The Game of Tantrix


Loops of progressing complexity.

With longer play time and greater concentration, play solo or together. Progressively challenging, add tiles and complete a coloured loop. Deceptively challenging and deceptively addictive!

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The Game of Qwirkle


Mix, match and line them up...

This awesome game of patterns takes the matching of Uno, structure of Scrabble, and tactile, compact tiles to make a great game of strategy. Play it fast or keep score - you love it any way you play.

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The Game of Zip-It


Word games cubed!

Use letter-based dice to form your own crossword-style grids. Speed is of the essence, and every tile now has six variations to mix and match to your heart’s content and your brain’s limit!

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The Game of Uno Flip


The revolution...

Just the right combo of leveraging the legacy and refreshing for novelty. With a light side and dark side to all cards - and the game - flip and instantly change everything! Start your addiction now...

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The Game of Mobi


Scrabble with numbers...

Played like scrabble but build numeracy vs literacy. A simple game with numbers and operators to build and connect “maths sentences” as they call them these days!

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